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  • Anthony Russo

The Power of Taking Risks: Advise on Taking Risks and Failing

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In life, one of the hardest things to do is to take a chance, put yourself out there, and take a risk. Why? Because risk implies the chance for failure. We, as humans, don’t like the feeling of failure. What successful people have over those that are still searching is a willingness to fail.

Why is failing important?

Well, it’s simple, nothing great comes from complacency. If you don’t attempt something greater than you are used to then you won’t grow. I like to use working out as an example. Body builders and athletes consistently push their bodies to “failure,” because over time it allows your body to grow bigger, stronger, and faster. Pushing your muscles to failure scientifically creates growth. This works in the brain as well. When you keep pushing yourself, time and time again you give yourself the opportunity to break through your limitations. This unfortunately does not come without daunting obstacles and pain.

One of my favorite quotes growing up was “no pain, no gain.” Little did I know this was SO MUCH MORE than a poster on the wall at the gym. This applies to everything in life; it has to do with relationships, business, and the pursuit of a good life. So much of our lives require us to be knocked down to get back up stronger, smarter and more aware.

No Risk, No Reward

When it comes to risk, we have been learning about it since we were a child. We had the game of Risk, and we heard phrasing like “No Risk, No Reward.” It’s a great philosophy, but somewhere along the line we got older we lost our nerve. We became fearful and less resilient to the byproduct of risk… failure. We began talking only about rewards, and if it they didn’t come right away we’d become frustrated, short sighted and not willing to keep pressing forward through adversity.

We have embraced a philosophy of “game over,” “instead of game on.”

People don’t want to feel pain, we don’t like the feeling of failing. However, successful people and people that change the world, EMBRACE that feeling of failure. Instead of letting the fear of failure be an oppressive feeling, use it as fuel. We have to change the mindset that failure is something that knocks the wind out our chest and change it to fuel that burns inside of us and motivates us to grow and become stronger. Rewards will come, but they cannot be the main focus. Growth, learning, experience, those are also rewards. But that carrot at the end of the race isn’t the reward we should be seeking. We should strive for the end game, but appreciate the process, and embrace the lessons learned along the way.

Never taking risks is the biggest risk of all

Those willing to take risks have the power to change their life and the lives of those around them. When you don’t take a risk, you risk much more than those that take the leap. Not taking a risk can have the side effect of overall failure and unhappiness.

Striving for something more, now that’s a life worth living. A life full of risks, a life full of failure, a life full of heart break but also a life full of possibilities, growth, opportunity and in many cases… greatness. Strive for greatness through Risk. You can, you will, you must.

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