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Creating a new way to unlock the secret

to how failure will accelerate success

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"I grew up with a father who was a compulsive gambler, that almost destroyed my childhood by losing everything, twice. I took his patterns and flipped the script, used the concepts and positivity behind the strategy outside of gambling, then translated it to life and business. This, is how I came up with the Negative Progression strategy." Technically, its a gambling method but used in a healthier and more positive way. The philosophy translates to the real world with the simple lesson that no matter how many times you fail, use the lessons from your failures and double down in your efforts and you eventually will end up ahead of where you started. 

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What differentiates him from the thousands of other entrepreneurs that run multi-million dollar businesses? Anthony Russo knows risk. Through his life experiences, trial and error, and owning a business he has developed a replicable formula for winning -- that others can follow.  


Growing up, Anthony was raised in Las Vegas by a gambling addict, his father who also had Multiple Sclerosis. Poverty, potential eviction, and chronic illness plauged his childhood experience but it didn’t define him. He took what others would see as a weakness and used it as fuel to successfully build a multi-million dollar business where he lead a team of over 2,000 people.   


In addition to that, Anthony’s hosting career tookoff. Helping him pave the road to hosting major events like several NCAA Championships and winning high-profile contracts at the world’s largest events like the Superbowl. His success in business ad career helped him understand how he could be successful in a climate where up to 90% of entrepreneurs fail within 5 years.  His answer came from the most unlikely place: his father.  He realized his dad’s best and worst moments at the casino were a result of his style of play, that, although risky in gambling, is deceptively brilliant in life.  The method is called negative progression, or what Anthony defines simply as doubling down! Doubling down is about being so committed to an outcome that when...




Anthony has a 12 year track record as an event host, and emcee for major national events and national brands. audiences ranging from 10 to 75,000. Versatility and adaptability are key components to Anthony's leadership on the mic.

Maggi Thorne

American Ninja Warrior

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I've known Anthony Russo for a few years now, it started at the Titan of Texas Challenge at the Texas State Fair, but over the years its grown into much more as I've hired Anthony as an Emcee at a variety of events most recently at the Corn Husker State Games where he hyped up the crowd and cheered on all the competitors to victory. Not only is he an asset to any event that I've attended, but as I've known him for Be The Change, it has been amazing to see the inspiration and challenge to myself personally and continue to grow, inspiring people, and motivating people from where they are to where they want to grow and go.  I would highly recommend Anthony for any event and any project where anyone is considering using Anthony.  

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