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Old School Mentality with a Modern day spin

Anthony Russo knows risk. 

What differentiates him from the thousands of other entrepreneurs that run multi-million dollar businesses? Anthony Russo knows risk. Through his life experiences, trial and error, and owning a business he has developed a reproducible formula for winning -- that others can follow.  


Growing up, Anthony was raised in Las Vegas with a father who had Multiple Sclerosis and a severe gambling addiction. Poverty, potential eviction, and chronic illness plagued his childhood experience, but it didn’t define him. He took what others would see as a weakness and used it as fuel to successfully build a multi-million dollar business where he lead a team of over 2,000 people.   


In addition to that, Anthony’s hosting career took off. Helping him pave the road to hosting major events like several NCAA Championships and winning high-profile contracts at the world’s largest events like the Superbowl. His success in business ad career helped him understand how he could be successful in a climate where up to 90% of entrepreneurs fail within 5 years.  His answer came from the most unlikely place: his father.  He realized his dad’s best and worst moments at the casino were a result of his style of play, that, although risky in gambling, is unexpectedly brilliant in life.  The method is called negative progression, or what Anthony defines simply as doubling down! Doubling down is about being so committed to an outcome that when failure occurs, you press through it anyway by consistently doubling your efforts and refusing to give up in the face of failure. 

As a speaker, Anthony has presented in front of charitable organizations, collegiate events, and entrepreneurship groups, on topics including The Art of Doubling Down:  Utilizing Negative Progression to Always Win in Business and Life. He also speaks on his passion for self-responsibility with #BeTheChange which helps people understand how to harness their passion and improve the world. This movement bridges societal gaps, helps people gain control of their lives, serves the less fortunate, and makes small but impactful contributions to communities that align with their beliefs.  While many speakers simply talk about topics Anthony lives them!  #BeTheChange is a national movement and a growing brand that has accomplished charitable partnership dedicated to making the world a better and more positive place.

Some speakers start out with an idea and decide to speak.  Anthony was built for it. As a talented emcee, he’s entertained crowds of 75,000 people, and regularly entertains audiences of more than 5,000.  His comfort on stage shines through in his ability to create happiness while sharing wisdom into actionable concepts while weaving together unforgettable stories with a good dose of humor. 

When Anthony isn’t supporting one of his National clients or out making a difference with #BeTheChange, he is running marathons, working on the next big idea, or spending time with his beautiful 3 year old daughter. 

Be The Change You Wish To See in The World


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